Get Involved

How To Get Involved

Care about the issues? Want to help make change? Join us!  We developed these plays inclusively, with voices from different communities hailing from all over our country. We engaged artists and thought leaders in diverse areas to inform the process and work. The plays are available immediately on this site.  You can activate the text or engage with streaming videos of past productions. We are working with a radically generous model and all productions are PAY WHAT YOU CAN or FREE. Contributions to CALLING UP JUSTICE subsidize and support this work for the populations that need it most. Scroll down to read more about the collections! 

CALLING UP produces performances of social justice online and in real life.  We facilitate the creation and decimation of scripts, connect thought leaders, consult, and produce trainings. We operate on a model of radical generosity.  Your support will subsidize work for communities and individuals who need these resources.

There are several approaches for you and/or your organization to engage with the plays. Read below then reach out to produce an Every 28 Hours Plays engagement in your community!

Community Reading Series

8-10 plays read by non-actors at a table with facilitated conversation. Serves 5-30 participants with a 2-hour footprint. Best done in living rooms, religious institutions, rehearsal rooms with donors, or office conference rooms for professional development.  DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE

The Full Collection

3-6 hour time commitment that can be produced by 1 institution or 8-15 organizations in collaboration. Usually takes the form of a staged reading, but can be fully produced.  VISIT THE PLAYS TO DOWNLOAD

Curated Excerpts from the Full Collection







1-40 plays that can be fully staged (memorized, with costumes), or in a reading. 5-60 minutes in length. WE encourage you to read the full collection and choose your own excerpts and also work with you to curate collections for your specific community needs. This option also create space for you to add your own original material.

Visual Art

Original Content

Add your own stories, music, and poetry for your production. Including original material from your community can be a powerful addition to your production.  On the left you can see live painting involved in Mccarter’s production and below enjoy the music of Jessica La Rel at Berkeley Repertory Theater.