1. Life By Numbers by Rasheedat Badejo and Heidi Van
2. Excuses by Ova Saopeng
3. System Monster Play by Aleshea Harris
4. The Fall by Shruti Purkayastha
5. Other Stats by Sigrid Gilmer
6. All Convenience by Claudia Alick
7. Outside A Small Circle of Friends by Prince Gomolvilas
8. Every Moment by Anu Yadav


1. Bad Motherfucker by Amina Henry
2. Penis Envy (Or Better) by Psalmayene 24
3. Innocent Until Problematic by Ike Holter
4. Co-Exist by Paul Tully
5. My life matters by David Henry Hwang
6. My Black Friend by James McManus
7. On The Black Beat by Shishir Kurup
8. The Genocide Plank by Ari Roth


1. Days of Passed Past by Brian ‘Dyalekt’ Kushner
2. White Air by Marshall Jones, III
3. Lucky by D’lo
4. You Try It by Neil LaBute
5. What’s In a Name? by Tarell Alvin Mccraney
6. Black Cop Blues Scene One by Stew
7. Nightmare in Black: A Game by Jerome A. Parker
8. Before the “Pop, Pop, Pop” by UNIVERSES


1. But We Only Take Cash by Jonathan Norton
2. All Ears by Kristoffer Diaz
3. Shaping His World by Stephen Peirick
4. Tweet This by Syd Stewart
5. Live Here by Chelsea Gregory
6. Hare Today by Emma Goldman-Sherman
7. The Eight Thirty by Colman Domingo
8. Through the lens of Ferguson at the Stop/Waiting by Florinda Bryant


1.Comfortable/Uncomfortable by Nancy Bell
2. A Birthday Wish by Robert Maesaka
3. A Park in Ferguson Rick G. Trumble
4. Even If I stand Alone by Olivia Medina
5. Equal Parts by Jake Margolin
6. Street Medic by Lily Junker
7. Getting the Story by Joan Lipkin
8. The Gray Area by Chisa Hutchinson


1. 2015/1830 Zakiyyah Alexander
2. Good Question by Robert Schenkkan
3. The Tree Story by Keith Josef Adkins
4. American Thugrat by Liza Jesse Peterson
5. Giving Thanks by Aaron Jafferis
6. Inheritance by Elaine Romero
7. The Lessons by Mariah L. Richardson
8. Systemic by Matthew R. Kerns


1. Un-divine Sisterhood, by Dominique Morisseau
2. Stay Out Dem Streets, by Basmin Red Dear
3. Any mother, Any City, by Darius Stubbs
4. For Aiyana Stanley Jones by Nambi E. Kelley
5. Audacity by Kirsten Greenridge
6. Dinosaurs by Kelley Weber
7. Another Mother, by Jacqueline E. Lawton
8. Hooded Tears by Migdalia Cruz


1. NewsFlash by Marty K. Casey
2. It’s A Clock by Leilani Chan
3. There is Inside You by Josh Wilder
4. Charge by Steven Maurice Page
5. Colors by Joe Wilson, Jr
6. Sign Of The Times by Kevin R. Free
7. Train of Dreams by Gisla Stringer
8. Street Angel by Grant Harris


1. My Son, by Larissa FastHorse
2. What Happened Was by Lisa Loomer
3. KRIP INJUSTICE by Leroy Moore
4. When the Bullet Strikes Idris Goodwin
5. Autopsy by Aurin Squire
6. Just Do it by Eric Coble
7. Moments After by Lynn Nottage
8. Knocked Over by Aaron Posner


Unknown Thousands by Nikkole Salter